“Follow your passion. It will lead to your purpose.” –Oprah Winfrey.

Steve Harvey said it best. “Your mission, your purpose any your destiny will all be tied to one thing- your gift.” It took me years or even decades to figure this out. The statement is so true. I never thought I would be working in the beauty industry. I always envisioned myself being an attorney or business executive. I knew I would wear suits everyday and use my mind instead of my hands.

Growing up, I worked in the salon after school helping my mother with her clients. I even started doing my classmates’, neighbors’, and my friends’ hair. I was good at it. But, I would always dismiss it as a future career path or destination. It would hurt my mother’s feeling. I was insinuating that being a stylist wasn’t a highly esteemed profession. She would say, “It provides food, shelter, and more for you and your sister.” She was very correct.

I finally saw the benefits and value of being my own boss.

It wasn’t until I graduated from college and received job offers from major corporations, that I finally saw the benefits and value of being my own boss and joining the family business. In February 2003, I opened 360 Degrees Hair Studio in Houston with my mother, Lisa Moore after having been exposed to and engaged in the trade since childhood. A veteran in the industry, I am grateful to have been afforded various opportunities for networking, continued education, and advancement. Traveling domestically and globally with Design Essentials as a Global Artistic Director developed me as a leader, strengthened me as a business owner, and taught me the importance of dreaming bigger.

With my sights set on total wealth (mental, physical, financial and spiritual), my mindset has shifted with my growth as a person and professional. My goals and aspirations have migrated to plans and actions to retire from the “behind the chair” into developing other women personally and professionally.