Actually ATL

Actually, Atlanta is like a second home to me. I love the city, people, culture, and social scene. I could pick up and move to Atlanta tomorrow and feel right at home. Being a Dallas native, it is ironic that my connections and relationships in Atlanta exceed my network in Dallas. Maybe it is because Atlanta is the city that I have visited the most within the last 15 years.

Atlanta is a city where I’ve learned a lot of lessons and cultivated many valuable relationships. This city is extremely special to me. It was very instrumental in developing me into the leader and businesswoman that I am today. I did not realize the influence and impact that this city had on my life until I was able to sit at the table with 14 wonderful women on this past Sunday. As I looked across the table at each one of them, I realized the majority of these ladies are deeply connected to me in some form or fashion by way of Georgia’s capital city.

How did this connection occur? I have never lived there or attended college there. Why has Atlanta been so impactful to my life? Design Essentials is how and why. Nearly 15 years ago, I joined their educational styling team. At this time in my life, I did not travel much and nor did I know many people. I certainly did not know many professionals or millionaires. But, Design Essentials changed all of that.

Within the last 15 years, my travels have taken me to over half of the states in the union and to visit places that I had never heard of before. And this connection afforded me the opportunity to teach at least ten thousand hairstylists and cosmetology students by way of Design Essentials. I strengthened my communications skills and became a better public speaker. Even though I have a degree in communications and marketing, I better understood the principles of sales, marketing, and management after working for Design Essentials.

In the midst of learning and growing, I was able to fall in love with some outstanding people that will always be apart of my life. The ladies that joined me at dinner was a perfect composition of my personal and professional relationships. Some of the most amazing women I am connected with reside in or near Atlanta and were at the table, in addition to those that traveled to Atlanta just for the dinner. It was so surreal sitting at the dinner table on Sunday and realizing my life would not be the same without Atlanta. For this reason, I will gracefully wear the title of “Georgia’s Peach”. Atlanta has made my life more fruitful and abundant.

California Dreaming

Wake Up!!!! Wake Up!!!! This is not a dream. You asked for this. You’ve prayed for this. Now, it’s here. I asked God to move my life in a new direction this year. I petitioned Him to expose me to opportunities, people, and experiences that would elevate and motivate me. Guess what. He did just that.

It seems so surreal and so soon. But, God is a God that can make things happen in a blink of an eye and bigger than you can imagine. Imagine praying for it and then in a month’s time, you have 3 trips scheduled. Houston to Atlanta. Houston to Ft. Lauderdale. Houston to Los Angeles. All of these trips would take place within 9 days.

In Atlanta, I was able to have dinner with my former boss that has become a good friend, Jeanine. Over dinner she said asked me, “NaKeitha, what’s next?” We talked for hours about different outlets and ways to promote my next endeavor. But, what’s so special about this is the fact that I didn’t have to initiate the conversation or topic. She just wants to see me WIN.

Then the next day, I had the pleasure of celebrating my friend Tamika’s birthday with her. While hanging out together, Tamika said, “NaKeitha, you have a great following. People want to know where you are going, what you are eating, and what you are doing. Tell me how you’re going to take this interest that people have in you and use it as a gift?”

The following week, I flew to Ft. Lauderdale to train Bailey’s staff and boost team morale. The irony of this trip is the fact that even though I was paid to train his staff and boost his team’s morale, I left Florida on a totally different level. I departed that city with more vigor, insight, and knowledge than I arrived with. Bailey encouraged me to embrace technology, maximize my business’ social media, and tap into videography to generate a YouTube following.

Final boarding call for Houston to Los Angeles……. I boarded the plane with a fire burning inside of me that was still brewing from my trip to Ft. Lauderdale the day before. This flight would be about strategic planning and getting mentally prepared for the next endeavor. The next endeavor would be a video production of a haircut that was created and released by Yodi Moses and myself in January.

The video shoot was amazing! I worked with 3 talented hairdressers on the set and a meticulous production team that wanted to produce SHEAR PERFECTION. The set of the video shoot was a chic Bohemian inspired salon with an eclectic vibe. The weather in San Clemente was breezy and the natural landscapes of the city were stunningly breathtaking.

Stopping in L.A. was the perfect way to end a three city work tour. All of my trips were insightful and educational. They were progressively aligned with one another. Each trip was a building block to prepare me for the next encounter. If the itinerary was reversed, it wouldn’t have had the same effect. This tour was divinely designed. Talk about a real life dream!